Truck Mounted Crane 30 tons to 240 tons

Articulating Crane Truck 10 tons, 20 tons, 30 tons, 40 tons, 43 tons, e 45 tons

6x2 Dump Truck

6x4 Dump Truck bi-block

6x4 Dump Truck rock body

6x4 Fuel & Lubrication Truck

4x2 Water Truck

6x4 Water Truck

Tank Truck

Skid-steer Loader


Bob Cat

Wheel Loader


Excavator Long Arm

Backhoe Loader

Mini excavator

Bulldozers in general

Roller Compactor Smooth Drum

Roller Compactor Pad Drum

Motor Grader






Cranes with different capacities, being used in various types of work: lifting and installation, construction, mining, factory, plant assemblies, petrochemical, moving of equipment and excess material. 




Excavators with crawler, front bucket and reinforced structure. This equipment operates in loading, moving, and opening of channels in the soil, road construction and urban projects. 




Articulating Crane Trucks, various models with different capacities, from serving companies that need to shift relatively light loads, to those that require large capacity drive to work in industrial assembly, construction and transshipment. 




Backhoes mounted on wheels, provided with swinging bucket. Operating in digging and elevation, to remove dirt, rocks, sand and gravel. 




Dump Trucks with different capacities. Essential for the support of excavation, demolition and earthmoving services. The Dump Truck is an excellent option for transporting cargo in bulk as rubble and dirt, practically and safe.